With proper maintenance, an air conditioner typically lasts around 15 years. Frequent repairs or outages are signs you need a new air conditioner. In addition to repairs and outages, there are other signs you need a new air conditioner. Read on to learn more and prevent an outage during the hottest months of the year.

Signs you need a new air conditioner:

  1. Air conditioner is more than 15 years old
  2. Low energy efficiency
  3. Frequent air conditioner repairs
  4. High indoor humidity

Let’s cover them in more detail…

1.) Air Conditioner is More Than 15 Years Old

When properly maintained, air conditioners typically last around 15 years. If you are unsure of the age of your AC unit, schedule a maintenance check and ask your technician. When your AC unit is roughly twelve years old, start planning for a replacement.

Professional HVAC contractors run through a rough cost and benefit analysis with you when your AC unit is twelve to fifteen years old. If you find a major repair earlier and could upgrade to a more efficient model, consider it.

The difference in energy efficiency and the cost to operate often negates the replacement cost. This way you have the information you need to decide whether continued repairs or a new unit is best for your family’s financial plan.

Your HVAC contractor easily determines the best AC unit and style for your home and lifestyle.

2.) Low Energy Efficiency

If your energy bills seem unusually high during the warmer months, the culprit is probably an inefficient air conditioner.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) measures the energy efficiency of your air conditioner. The higher the SEER rating, the less energy your air conditioner uses to cool your home. Air conditioners on the market have at least 13 SEER. However, if you have an older air conditioner in your home, the SEER rating is potentially 6 or less.

New ENERGYSTAR air conditioners are beneficial to your wallet as well as better for the environment. Whether you upgrade to save on operating costs, or to improve your environmental impact, a new unit lowers your energy bills.

3.) Frequent Air Conditioner Repairs

Frequent air conditioner repairs and service calls are signs you need a new air conditioner. They potentially cost more in the end than a new system. A new AC system saves you money on pricey repairs as well as energy bills, if you install a more efficient system.

A good technician provides a full picture of your current air conditioner costs as well as the costs associated with a new system. You might be surprised how much you save with a new air conditioner versus patching up your old one.

4.) High Humidity

Air conditioners remove humidity from the air as part of the cooling process. If your home’s air feels uncomfortable, it is often the excess humidity to blame.

When the air conditioner cycles but it does not seem to remove your home’s humidity, it is time for a check. A trained technician tests the humidity in your home and diagnoses any problems with your air conditioner.

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