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Heat Pump Tune Up Services in Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids, MI Heat Pump Tune Up Services

Because heat pumps are tasked with providing both heating and cooling in your home for year-round comfort, these workhorses do tend to break down on occasion. The best way to prevent untimely repairs and breakdowns is through regular heat pump maintenance services. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of heat pump tune ups and how often this service should be performed.



Advantages of Heat Pump Tune Ups

If you own a heat pump, maintenance is essential. There are many benefits to keeping your heat pump properly maintained, including:

Increased Lifespan

Your heat pump can last an average of about 10 to 15 years. However, a lack of maintenance can lead to a significantly shortened lifespan for your system. During a maintenance tune up, an HVAC technician will inspect and clean all appropriate components and can recommend smaller repairs before they balloon to bigger, more expensive issues. Like your car needs oil changes to keep it running reliably, your heat pump also benefits from regular maintenance to keep it operating properly for longer.

Lower Energy Costs

A heat pump is a very energy-efficient heating and cooling system. However, if you notice an increase in energy bills, this could indicate your heat pump is in dire need of maintenance. A tune up will help ensure your heat pump is working properly and use as little energy as possible while still efficiently heating and cooling your home. This will lead to lower energy costs.

Fewer Repairs

Heat pump maintenance is extremely cost-effective compared to having repairs or even premature replacement services performed. By getting a tune up, your technician can determine if there are any threats to your heat pump, such as faulty wiring, short cycling, a dirty condenser coil, dirty filters, and problems with airflow.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Heat pumps can improve your home’s indoor air quality because they don’t require the use of fossil fuels to produce heat as gas furnaces do. This is better for the environment and can prevent the risk of a carbon monoxide leak. Even during cold weather, heat pumps can absorb the heat from the outside air to warm your house.

How Often Does My Heat Pump Need Maintenance?

If you use your heat pump for heating and cooling purposes, it should be tuned up twice a year, preferably in the spring before the cooling season starts, and again in the fall before the arrival of winter.

According to Energy.gov, the following functions should be performed during heat pump maintenance:
Inspect ducts, filters, blower, and indoor coil for dirt and other obstructions

  • Diagnose and seal duct leaks
  • Verify adequate airflow by measurement
  • Verify correct refrigerant charge by measurement
  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • Inspect electric terminals, and, if necessary, clean and tighten connections, and apply a non-conductive coating
  • Lubricate motors, and inspect belts for tightness and wear
  • Verify correct electric control
  • Verify correct thermostat operation



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When you choose the HVAC technicians at A-1 Mechanical for heat pump maintenance, you can rest assured that we have decades of experience working with these energy-efficient units. Our technicians are expertly trained to tune up all makes and models of heat pumps.

Extend your heat pump’s life cycle by contacting A-1 Mechanical today for heat pump maintenance services.

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