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East Lansing, MI, Furnace Installation

Suppose you’re building a new home or business facility in East Lansing, MI. In that case, you’re going to need an experienced HVAC company to manage the installation of your heating and cooling systems.

A-1 Mechanical Heating & Cooling has served our friends and neighbors in the Greater Lansing community since 1983. We offer comprehensive heating, cooling, and indoor air quality products and services to homeowners throughout East Lansing, MI, and beyond.

Furnace Installation for New Construction

The skilled tradespeople at A-1 Mechanical work with homeowners and contractors every day to keep projects flowing smoothly. Our professional team of HVAC technicians is committed to insightful project planning, value engineering, and efficient work to accommodate multi-trade production schedules.

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Furnace Replacement Service

On average, home furnaces last between 15 and 20 years. The actual lifespan of a given furnace will be determined by original equipment quality, usage over the years, and whether the unit has received sufficient preventative maintenance.

If the time has come to replace the furnace in your East Lansing area home or small business, A-1 Mechanical offers an impressive selection of equipment and professional installation services throughout Lansing, Grand Rapids, and other beautiful communities in Michigan.

An upgraded furnace is an intelligent solution that brings increased efficiency and better performance, which can have a significant effect on your monthly energy costs. Our experts will ensure that your new furnace is the correct size for your space, doing away with various issues that oversized and undersized furnaces can cause.

Signs That Your Furnace May Need To Be Replaced

Many home and business owners do not understand or have the technical knowledge to know when their furnaces need to be replaced. However, there are several key signs that you can look for to determine if the time has come to replace your old, inefficient furnace with a modern, highly effective unit. Let’s look closer.

Your Furnace Is At Least 15 Years Old

If your furnace is at least 15 years old, you probably notice its performance declining each season. There comes the point of diminishing returns where replacing an old system is more feasible than keeping performing repairs.

Increasing Heating Bills

An older furnace does not work as efficiently as a new furnace. Therefore, it has to work harder to get the same job done. As an older furnace’s performance continues to decline, with sustained heavy usage, it is far more likely to break down without warning. The longer that your furnace has to work to reach the temperature you have set on the thermostat, the more energy that is required, and the higher your energy bills will be.

The System Makes Strange Noises

When your furnace is cycling on or off, it will make a bit of noise. However, besides a small amount of noise, a furnace should remain quiet during operation. If you hear any banging, whirring, or other strange noises coming from your furnace or ventilation system, call A-1 immediately and let us inspect it.

Foul Odors From Your Furnace

There should be no odd smells from your furnace or blowing out of your vents. If there is, turn the system off and call us right away. We’ll come out, inspect the system, and ensure that there’s no danger of an electrical fire, carbon monoxide leak, or other problems.

The Furnace Needs Repairing Often

Not all furnaces behave the same, and some have more problems than others. If your furnace constantly needs repairs, it will be better for your home, family, and pocketbook to replace the system with a more functional, efficient one. Earlier replacement will save you money on repairs while also providing more consistent heating in your home.

A-1 Mechanical is Proud To Be a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer

A-1 Mechanical Heating & Cooling is a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer with a wide-ranging selection of heating equipment. Our trained and certified HVAC technicians have completed extensive training from Carrier regarding all technical aspects of their equipment line. Trust us for your furnace installation, maintenance, and eventual replacement needs. We are your long-term HVAC partner in East Lansing, MI.

Carrier® Furnaces

Carrier® gas furnaces lead the industry with reliable heating to keep your spaces comfortable despite the outside weather. Your new furnace will be energy efficient, keeping your operational costs low and performance high.

Contact A-1 Mechanical in East Lansing, MI

Don’t trust your indoor comfort needs to a substandard HVAC company. A-1 Mechanical Heating & Cooling offers complete heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services you can depend on in the East Lansing, MI area.

Contact us online today to get started. We are always here, waiting to help!

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Maintenance Plans

Year-Round Comfort

Rest comfortably – A-1 Mechanical keeps your heating and cooling systems in shape, season after season, with our maintenance plans.

State Capital Lansing MI -Testimonial | A-1 MechanicalState Capital Lansing MI -Testimonial | A-1 Mechanical

Our Air Conditioner went out and we called A-1 Mechanical to get help. Our service person Brett was OUTSTANDING!

- Jessica T., Yelp

Great company to work with. Very responsive 4 yrs after installation. Great technicians. Definitely recommend!!

- Doug F., Facebook

Fast service. Parts were received in timely manner and installation was prompt. Service was explained and demonstrated its function. Very happy.

- Brad R., Google

I called after hours and spoke to a machine, but they called me back bright and early the next day to set up an appointment. The technician who came out to my home was friendly and worked quickly, and cautioned me about the need for more frequent servicing without giving me a “hard sell” or being pushy.

- Michael J., Facebook