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No matter the season, you can count on A-2 Mechanical for quality HVAC services in east Lansing, Michigan. We offer top notch services for your heating and cooling systems, and can even provide services to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Keep reading to learn what services A-1 Mechanical can provide to your home or business.

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Indoor Air Quality Services From A-1 Mechanical

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You take a variety of measures to keep your home clean. From scrubbing the floors to doing the dishes, homeowners are always taking the steps necessary to keep their homes sanitized and healthy.

Many homeowners forget that the quality of your air plays a vital role in keeping your home healthy and sanitary. Airborne pathogens can quickly become a problem if your air quality is not taken care of. This is especially true if you have family members that suffer from respiratory issues and allergies.

Your family’s health is everything, which is why we offer various services designed to help keep your family feeling their best. Those services include:


Thermostats have been commonplace in homes for decades and have remained a relatively untouched technology until recently. Programmable thermostats change the temperature of your home based on a schedule you set. You can set it and forget it. Smart thermostats have changed the game by putting complete control of your home’s HVAC system into the palm of your hand. With our smart thermostats, you can program desired temperatures, schedule when your systems shut on and off, control the thermostat from your smartphone, and much more.


If your home often feels stuffy, then adding a humidifier to your home may be the right plan! Humidifiers help to combat homes that seriously lack humidity levels by adding moisture to the air. Too low humidity levels can result in health issues, which is something you should try to avoid at all costs.

Air Cleaners

An air cleaner does exactly what it sounds like it does, physically removing contaminants from the air. An air cleaner is an absolute must if you or a family member suffer from allergies or respiratory issues. A high-quality air cleaner installed by a trusted company is a fantastic addition to any home.


Houses can often be filled with hot and cold spots; sometimes, the homeowners are unaware that these spots exist. These hot and cold spots can make your home uncomfortable as well as raise your monthly electricity bill by forcing your HVAC system to work harder than it needs to. If you live in a large home with multiple rooms, you might want to consider a zone system. Zoning systems are also great for rooms that are hard to control the temperature in like sunrooms and new additions. This will allow you to control the temperature of each room individually, helping you save on unnecessary heating and cooling costs.

Take Control Of Your Indoor Air Quality

Many homeowners often forget that the air they breathe inside their homes plays a vital role in their health and wellness. Help ensure no one in your family has to unnecessarily suffer inside your home by adding one of our indoor air quality systems!

Heating System Repair & Replacement in East Lansing, MI

A-1 Mechanical Heating & Cooling has been providing quality heating services to home and local business owners all over the East Lansing, MI area for years. Call us for heater repair if your furnace is struggling to heat your home effectively. We’ll evaluate your heating system to find the source of the issue and take the time to help you understand the problem and the solution.

When you need a new heating system, our Carrier factory-trained technicians deliver the accurate installation of Carrier heating equipment. Protect your investment in home comfort with preventative maintenance for your heating system – ask us about our preventative maintenance plans.

We provide the following heating services in East Lansing, MI:

East Lansing Air Conditioning Services

Getting through the Michigan summer can be hard work for your home’s cooling system. With temperatures often in the 90, having a cooling system you can trust is imperative to getting through the warmer months comfortably. You do not want to fall behind on maintenance or get caught in a heat wave with no cooling.

When dealing with something as crucial as staying cool in your home, ensure you are working with the right team. From our technicians to our customer service team, we have provided East Lansing with the highest quality air conditioner services!

Look at the services we offer East Lansing residents to help them beat the heat!

Call A-1 Mechanical for HVAC Services Day or Night

A-1 Mechanical is here to help East Lansing, Michigan residents stay comfortable throughout the year. When your air conditioner is struggling on a hot day, or your furnace breaks down during a snow storm, you can call A-1 Mechanical 24-7 for emergency service. Our highly trained technicians are standing by after hours to help you with fast service to get your home comfortable again.

Our customers deserve high-quality service to stay comfortable year-round. We’re proud to provide our friends and neighbors with the indoor air quality, heating, and cooling needs they need to stay comfortable in their homes and businesses. Call A-1 Mechanical today to schedule a service, installation, or maintenance appointment.

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Maintenance Plans

Year-Round Comfort

Rest comfortably – A-1 Mechanical keeps your heating and cooling systems in shape, season after season, with our maintenance plans.

State Capital Lansing MI -Testimonial | A-1 MechanicalState Capital Lansing MI -Testimonial | A-1 Mechanical

Our Air Conditioner went out and we called A-1 Mechanical to get help. Our service person Brett was OUTSTANDING!

- Jessica T., Yelp

Great company to work with. Very responsive 4 yrs after installation. Great technicians. Definitely recommend!!

- Doug F., Facebook

Fast service. Parts were received in timely manner and installation was prompt. Service was explained and demonstrated its function. Very happy.

- Brad R., Google

I called after hours and spoke to a machine, but they called me back bright and early the next day to set up an appointment. The technician who came out to my home was friendly and worked quickly, and cautioned me about the need for more frequent servicing without giving me a “hard sell” or being pushy.

- Michael J., Facebook