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A reliable heating system keeps your Dewitt, Michigan, home or business at the right temperature throughout the winter months. When your heater breaks down or just isn’t keeping up with your heating demands, the friendly and professional technicians at A-1 Mechanical Heating & Cooling will perform quick and reliable repairs no matter what make or model of heating equipment your home uses.

Upgrade your HVAC system with a new Carrier furnace or heat pump, installed by our factory-trained technicians. HVAC systems require regular maintenance to improve performance and efficiency. A-1 Mechanical Heating & Cooling makes maintenance easy with our preventative maintenance plans. Give us a call to schedule heating and cooling services that you can trust.

We provide the following heating services in Dewitt and the surrounding Lansing, MI area:

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Signs You Need Heating Repair Service in Dewitt, MI

Rising Energy Bills

Rising energy bills usually go hand in hand with a heating system that is becoming less efficient. As a heater becomes less efficient and isn’t effectively heating an area as well as it once was, it will stay on longer in an effort to reach the temperature you’ve set. The longer that your heater stays on, the higher your energy bills will rise. Contacting a professional for furnace repair services can improve the system’s overall efficiency.

System Makes Strange Noises

Squealing, rattling, banging; all too often, homeowners hear noises like these coming from their heating systems and think nothing of it. However, taking action when these noises first start occurring could potentially save your home from a complete system breakdown. Contact an expert to inspect the unit to determine the cause of the noises and to recommend a course of action.

Poor Air Quality

If you’ve noticed that your air quality seems to get lower whenever the heater is on, there’s likely an issue within the unit that needs to be repaired by a professional. Sometimes, this fix can be as simple as swapping the system’s filters with new ones. Other times, though, poor air quality can be a sign that there are more serious issues under the surface. Contact an experienced Dewitt technician to perform an inspection.

Signs You Need a Heating System Replacement in Dewitt, MI

Aging System

Typically, heating and cooling systems both will last about 15-20 years. During that time, you should have maintenance performed and maybe a couple of repairs here and there. However, as heating and AC systems age, they begin to develop problems more frequently. Many times, these issues are serious and can be very expensive to repair. Replacing your HVAC unit every 15-20 years will ensure that it’s functioning correctly, while also avoiding frequent and expensive repairs. Feel free to give us a call for more information.

Constant Repairs are Needed

Throughout its life, a heating system will very likely need repairs at one point or another. This is completely normal and even expected. However, if you seemingly need to repair your unit every year, it’s time to consider replacing the unit with a newer and more efficient one. Not only will this save you money on future repairs, but you can also breathe easier knowing that your new system won’t break down on you when you need it most.

AC Repair & Replacement in Dewitt, MI 

From central air conditioning systems to heat pumps and beyond, residents of Dewitt, MI count on their AC units to keep them cool and comfortable throughout the hot summer months. Any issues that your air conditioning system deals with can threaten the overall comfort and safety of those within your home.

If your AC unit is dealing with problems, be sure to contact A-1 Mechanical. We’ll thoroughly inspect your system and provide you with the right services to ensure that your air conditioner is running properly when you need it most.

Contact A-1 Mechanical for air conditioning services including:

Air Conditioning Repair Vs. Air Conditioning Replacement

While it can be easy to identify when your air conditioner is experiencing issues, it can be more difficult to understand whether AC repair or AC replacement is the best solution. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced technician from A-1 Mechanical come out and thoroughly inspect your system.

Over time, internal parts wear down, leading to issues that can vary in terms of severity. Upon the completion of our inspection, we’ll talk to you about the root of the issue and determine the best way forward. We always take your needs into consideration, and we’ll be happy to discuss whether repair or replacement is the best solution for the issues your air conditioning unit is experiencing.

Contact A-1 Mechanical for HVAC Services in Dewitt, MI 

DeWitt Memorial | A-1 Mechanical Service AreasDeWitt Memorial | A-1 Mechanical Service Areas

Proudly serving Dewitt, Michigan, and its surrounding areas with reliable HVAC services, our complete range of home services is available when you need them! You count on your heating and cooling system to keep your home comfortable throughout the year, which is why we’ll provide your equipment with the attention to detail that it deserves.

The team at A-1 Mechanical has decades of experience to offer you. Whenever your home experience heating, AC, or indoor air quality issues, don’t hesitate to call our phone number for immediate help. Our company is available to provide service 24 hours a day to help with any HVAC project.

For high-quality HVAC service in Dewitt, MI, and the surrounding Lansing area, contact A-1 Mechanical. We’ll handle your needs and get the job done right the first time.

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Rest comfortably – A-1 Mechanical keeps your heating and cooling systems in shape, season after season, with our maintenance plans.

State Capital Lansing MI -Testimonial | A-1 MechanicalState Capital Lansing MI -Testimonial | A-1 Mechanical

Our Air Conditioner went out and we called A-1 Mechanical to get help. Our service person Brett was OUTSTANDING!

- Jessica T., Yelp

Great company to work with. Very responsive 4 yrs after installation. Great technicians. Definitely recommend!!

- Doug F., Facebook

Fast service. Parts were received in timely manner and installation was prompt. Service was explained and demonstrated its function. Very happy.

- Brad R., Google

I called after hours and spoke to a machine, but they called me back bright and early the next day to set up an appointment. The technician who came out to my home was friendly and worked quickly, and cautioned me about the need for more frequent servicing without giving me a “hard sell” or being pushy.

- Michael J., Facebook